PsychSurveys simplifies the process of psychometric assessment, an essential element of providing evidence based treatment. Mental health professionals in private or group practices can use PsychSurveys to administer valid and reliable mental health surveys and diary cards to their patients to measure distress levels and track patient progress over time. PsychSurveys improves client care by allowing you to objectively measure your clients' symptoms and use the results to highlight areas of progress or improve treatment by identifying areas needing further intervention.

We offer 21 pre-configured surveys:

  • Anxiety: DASS-21, DOCS, GAD-7, LSAS, PCTI, PSWQ, SIAS, PCL-5, PCL-Child
  • Borderline Personality Disorder: BEST, BSL-23
  • Relationship Satisfaction: CSI
  • Depression: ATQ-B, DASS-21, PHQ-9, QIDS-SR16
  • Eating Disorders: EDE-Q
  • Emotion Dysregulation: AAQ-2, DERS
  • Substance Abuse: DrInC, InDUC-M, SIP-R
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: PCTI, PCL-5, PCL-Child

How it Works

You set up each patient with appropriate surveys and set the schedule or frequency for completing the surveys. When your patients are due to complete surveys, they will receive an email with a link to complete the surveys. The patient surveys are mobile friendly and work on any web browser. Patients can opt out of the surveys at any time simply by clicking the link in the email to opt out.

Patients can use the mobile app for alerts and completion of surveys and diary cards in addition to or instead of email reminders. If patients use the mobile app, they'll see reminders and alerts on their iPhone or iPad when surveys are due and a badge icon indicating how many surveys are due.

When your patients complete the surveys and diary cards, our software scores the results and you will be able to see the results via our web site and mobile app. We track patient progress over time, which is beneficial for evidence-based treatments, and satisfies reporting compliance for insurance and/or treatment programs. Reminders are sent for late survey completions and compliance reports allow you to quickly and easily view your patients' survey compliance. 

Contact us for questions about how it works, or sign up for a free trial.


As surveys are completed, they are automatically scored, allowing you to track progress over time for each applicable survey.  The reports include all relevant scales and sub-scales and you can drill down to see how the patient responded to the questions in the surveys.

Diary Cards

Diary Cards are a tool to help clients track their emotions, urges, and behaviors on a daily basis. This aids clinicians in identifying their clients' areas of struggle over the course of the week to more effectively prioritize session time and identify points for intervention. The diary card also functions as a tool for increasing mindfulness of emotions and urges for clients, as well as helping them identify DBT skills they could use in moments of distress.

Get Started

To start, sign up for a free trial, then download our mobile app from the App Store: click the links on the top right of this page from your mobile device, or, search for "PyschSurveys" in the App Store.

Contact us for questions with the mobile app.

To start, simply download our mobile app from the App Store: click the links on bottom of this page from your mobile device, or, search for "PsychSurveys" in the App Store.

Contact us for questions with the mobile apps.


We use an industry leading managed hosting provider, encryption, dual factor authentication, and other best practices and processes to protect your data and your account with us. We have implemented procedures and technology necessary for HIPAA compliance.


We're offering a free 30-day trial of the software. Once the trial period ends, the cost of the survey software is $4.99 per month* per clinician. This includes all surveys and all features of the software, including use of the mobile apps. There are no additional costs.

Contact us for questions about pricing.
* $4.99 per month with a yearly subscription, $5.99 per month with a monthly subscription. Multi-clinician and group practice discounts are available.

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